founder Bob Parsons was just interviewed on CNN and tried to explain that shooting an elephant was a benefit for the people in Africa who need to eat (The elephant had been trampling their crops).  He offered no apologies for killing the elephant and referring to his benevolent actions, he stated that he doesn’t see anyone traveling to Africa with him to help.

I certainly won’t be traveling with Bob Parsons to shoot elephants in Africa.  I love shooting and have several guns, but I don’t shoot animals and certainly not elephants which are probably more intelligent than him.

Bob Parsons blamed the whole incident on a small group of people who are very vocal in this country, I assume he means PETA.  When asked if he will go back to Africa, he stated that he will absolutely go back to do it again.

As the founder of, Bob Parsons can afford to donate the money necessary to provide the means to produce clean water and food for the villagers.  He is just using the villagers as an excuse to shoot an elephant so he can take a picture posing next to a dead elephant showing how courageous he was to engage in elephant in battle.

I have spent a few thousand dollars on domain names with but will never again.

CNN article:

WebProNews reported that the Bob Parsons video was mysteriously sanitized to look a little less horrible and to remove references to, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s an ass.

WebProNews also reported that NameCheap used the opportunity to raise over $20,000 for Save the Elephants and  Venovix launched a “NoDaddy” campaign with a similar goal, looking to raise money for the International Wildlife Foundation.  I’m happy to provide links to these two companies NameCheap and Venovix.